Paris Jackson Goes Topless in an Ad Campaign For a New Line of Shoes

Looks like an excellent fit.
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Michael Jackson's adopted daughter Paris is, in her own way, a provocateur. She's openly bisexual and proud of her wealth of tattoos.

She's like everyone else, though—she wants to make her own bank. She must be doing pretty well, as a new shoe ad campaign proves that Paris's beauty and her fearless approach to celebrity makes her an excellent model for any brand.

Paris Jackson

The Insta up top is one of her shots for clothing retailer Re/Done's shoe line. The company is going for a certain look, and Ms. Jackson (if you're nasty) is a perfect fit, even if no one has told her shoes actually go on feet, not boobs.

We kid, shoes look great on boobs.

But yeah, feet too. Actually we're not sure who will notice the shoes first in the following shot.

Paris Jackson has a look that you won't find in many other models. She's kind of in your face and doesn't apologize for it. These ads are well-suited to her vibe.

Check out a few more pics from her Re/Done shoot for a new appreciation of women's footwear and some non-shoe photos from her Insta just for the hell of it.