Peyton List Leaves Her Kid Show Past in the Dust With This Sizzling Hot Photo Shoot


Peyton List is 19 now, and it's clear she's decided to send a message with her latest photoshoot for Kode Magazine: she's not a kid anymore. 

This isn't—as Brobible points out—such a new thing for Disney and Nickelodeon stars. There's probably no better example of a one-time kids' show staple absolutely smashing their squeaky-clean image this way than Miley Cyrus. After all, if Hannah Montana can go from wholesome country-flavored sugar pop to whatever the hell is happening here, any Disney show alum after her will end up seeming tame by comparison.

That said, Peyton List's leather-clad and sultry photos for this image reboot aren't tame at all. They're mysterious and maybe even a little dangerous. 

We have to admit, it's such a daring leap for a former child star, we have respect for the boldness of the move. 

Check out some more Instas of Peyton looking very comfortable in leather and lace—and even less than that—below.