Feast Your Eyes on PornHub’s List of Most Searched-For Victoria’s Secret Models

One name seems to stand out.

Pornhub Insights, the research-oriented branch of the adult entertainment giant, has come forward again, with expert timing, this time to bring us their site’s exhaustive list of most searched-for Victoria’s Secret models. With the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show just behind us and still in our minds, there seemed to be no better time to wade into the database and retrieve the numbers. Well they did, and one model in particular turned out to be doing pretty well in the polls.

Kendall Jenner blows away the competition in number of searches. It looks like she’s as popular as the next three highest ranking models combined. You sly dogs. That means she’s towering in searchpower over huge names like Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum. We can’t help but wonder if her ties to, uh, established relatives lead users to believe she may be more likely to have content up on the site. Along with the model rankings and in similar theme, Pornhub Insights also released its list of most searched-for undergarments, of which ‘panties’ clocks in at the top. Ah, users of Pornhub. You’re nothing if not reliable.