Watch These Geeky Porn Stars Reveal Their Absolute Favorite Video Games

Does your favorite game get a shout-out?

riley reid

WoodRockets’ “Ask a Porn Star” series has used their most recent episode to ask a whole bunch of porn stars about their video game habits. 

credit: YouTube

Whether it’s Riley Reid’s love of Mortal Kombat (and the fatality she dreamed of pulling off IRL) or Cherie DeVille’s affinity for Fallout 3 and Skyrim, we’re impressed by how many hardcore (cough!) gamer girls are in the bunch.

You can check out the YouTube video here above but, if you don’t have six minutes to spare, the highlights range from Piper Perri’s distinction between her favorite PC game (she’s addicted to Sims 4) or her favorite console game (Skyrim) to Jessie Lynne’s fandom of GTA (because you can “do shit you can’t do in real life”) to a whole lot of professed love for the blockbuster Call of Duty series.

The take-away from this video? Be nice to everyone you encounter in video game chats, because they just might be one of the porn stars you jerk it to on the regular.