Profiles in Hustle: Instagram Girls on the Make

Instagram is a photo-filled democracy whose users vote with “likes,” and these women have been elected to highest office.

One of Instagram’s biggest triumphs is its ease of use: anyone with a smartphone can sign up for free and start sharing sepia-toned photos of their tapas, terrier or tuchas. But for those who want to use the snappy medium to get ahead, that populist set-up can be a hindrance—it’s easy to get lost in a sea of millions. That is, unless you have the drive (and the time) to fight your way to top, as have Julia Kelly, Kyra Santoro, Mara Teigen and Isabelle Cornish.

Though these women don’t have the modeling contracts of Cara or Karlie, or the profile and cold cash of Kim, they care more, and work harder. Yes, they’re blessed genetically – and have maximized every inch at the gym – but they’re also mistresses of the medium: combining fantastic backdrops, alluring poses and the perfect filter into a product that tens of thousands of fans flock to. Uploading your way to fame is no easy feat, so to Julia, Kyra, Mara, and Isabelle, we give a very big, very proud white heart. 

Photos by Maxim Magazine