Watch Bombshell Bikini Model Rachel Cook Dive into a Cream Pie

Diabetics, be warned.
Rachel Cook Promo 1 [Instagram]

[Instagram/Chris Applebaum] 

In the latest installation from what we have unofficially dubbed as literal food porn, Instagram sensation Rachel Cook dives into a sweet treat.

This three-clip series of incredibly sexy videos comes from the mind of L.A.-based director Chris Applebaum. His other recent work includes Meghan Wiggins sucking down some saucy ribs to Metallica and Brittny Ward becoming magically delicious with some Lucky Charms.

The combination of Foghat's sex-fueled single "Slow Ride" and Cook's sheer beauty as she licks away at a mouth-watering cream pie makes this clip one of his best yet.   

For all of Applebaum's sultry food-themed videos and more, head to his Instagram page and give him a follow. While you're at it, you might want to seriously consider doing the same for Rachel, because her feed is on fire. Here's a quick sampling: 

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