Watch These Hot Models Rap Along With Ice Cube, Jay Z, Tupac, Kanye, Migos and More

Models rapping to hip-hop's biggest hits is pretty damn watchable.

Forget sending young models to a fancy finishing school or pressing them to behave like aloof, upper-crust ladies. Our favorite beauties are a little more badass--catwalk queens who could potentially spit out lyrics to hip-hop bangers while looking fine AF doing it. 

Luckily a new Instagram handle from music video director Derek Pike, called "Re:Shoots," features a bunch of hot models rapping to some of the biggest hits in hip-hop. (Well, they're actually just lip-syncing, but it's still fire in every sense of the word.)

Below, check out the hip-hop hotness of all the "Re:Shoots" clips, and keep your eyes peeled for more oddly entrancing videos to come.

Kyra SantoroSam Black: "Bad and Boujee" by Migos 

Kyra Santoro: "I Get Around" by Tupac Shakur

Sam Black: "679" by Fetty Wap

Sam Black: "Caroline" by Aminé

Lora Lee: "Today was a Good Day" by Ice Cube

Lex Scott Davis: "Public Service Announcement" by Jay Z

Hailee Keanna: "Diamonds (Remix)" by Kanye West

Cristina Mitu: "Devastated" by Joey Bada$$

Elizabeth Marie Chevalier: "Conversation With a Devil" by Andre Nickatina