Rihanna Takes Her Tattoo To Twitter

We broke our character limit when we typed “Hooray” with 137 exclamation points

Thanks to Rihanna’s constant presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’d be lying if we said the Barbadian beauty hadn’t flashed us once or twice before. We’ve seen her mostly naked on vacation in Hawaii, behind-the-scenes on music video shoots, and in outtakes from album shoots (we write each one down in our special diary. We haven’t had a date in a long time). One place we didn’t expect to see Rihanna’s boobs? As part of a tribute to her late grandmother. On Sunday, she posted a photo of her newest tattoo- the goddess Isis right below her breasts- with the caption:

Goddess Isis – Complete Woman – Model for future generations – #GRANGRANDOLLY  – always in and on my heart #1love

Photo via Twitter/Miley Cyrus

Rihanna is the latest cyber-savvy hottie to share her ink with thousands of followers. Last week, Lady Gaga took to Twitter to lift her shirt and reveal her newest body art, much like Miley Cyrus did last year. We support these ladies’ rights to do so, obviously, although we’re still pissed that every time we whip out the tattoo we got in Bangkok that time, someone always calls the police. That’s not equality, people!

Photo via Twitter/Lady Gaga

Photos by Twitter/Rihanna