Watch Sultry Rita Ora Dance Topless In This Fun, Sexy Holiday Video

All these videos are great but this may be the winner.
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UK-based LOVE magazine has done a bang-up job with its Advent Calendar series of videos so far. We thought the Day 2 video of Irina Shayk recreating the "pottery scene" from the 1991 Patrick Swayze-Demi Moore hit Ghost was hot enough, but with Rita Ora's Day 3 video we stand corrected. 

It's hard to believe anything involving a cover of the World War II-era hit "Bugle Boy From Company B" would make for some seriously sexy fun in 2016. But Rita, split through video magic into the hottest triplets you've ever seen, has us sold. Even if you find the old-fashioned music annoying, mute it and just watch the fun—especially the credits, when Rita treats to an awesome surprise.

Because we can't get enough of this British beauty, we've also added some choice shots below from Rita's sizzling Instagram account