The Denver Broncos Cheerleader Who Dressed Up as a T-Rex Is Way Hotter Out of Costume

And we've got the pictures to prove it...
Romi Bean [Instagram]

[Photos: Romi Bean, Instagram] 

If you were watching the Broncos/Chargers game last Sunday, you might have noticed that one of Denver's cheerleaders was wearing an inflatable T-Rex costume—and yet somehow still managed to nail her moves. 

Her name is Romi Bean, and underneath that goofy Halloween garb, she's an absolute smoke show. 

Granted most NFL cheerleaders are, but to be able to put on a physically demanding routine while dressed in what is almost certainly an unwieldy costume, you know she's got to be in outstanding shape. 

And by the looks of those abs, she is:

Her Instagram is loaded with tons of sizzling shots. If you can't get enough of her, give her a follow. Here's a sampling: 

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