Ronda Rousey on What Makes a Real Man

The lethal dream girl has some fighting words for the weaklings. 

UFC Bantamweight Ronda Rousey doesn’t shy from competition. With her undefeated status, she dominates it. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Rousey explains why men should welcome a bit of competition into their love lives.

Speaking to Justin Block, our most lethal dream girl breaks it down for us: “An ambitious woman makes the man in her life step up his game. It’s easy to be lazy and not push yourself when you’re with a woman who doesn’t challenge you at all. I think that’s why some men are intimidated by successful women.” Macbeth didn’t become King of Scotland without a little push from his Lady, now did he? (The ending notwithstanding.)

A powerhouse like Rousey could wrench out the grit in the softest of men. But for many, the possibility of having a wildly successful girlfriend who could kick their ass might be intimidating. Rousey has some fighting words for anyone daunted by the challenge: “A real man is one that doesn’t feel the need to dim the light of his woman in order to make himself feel brighter.”

Gentlemen, it’s time you stopped throwing in the towel. Even the realest of men could use a little push now and then.

For the rest of Rousey’s hard-hitting words, read her complete interview on The Huffington Post.

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