Larger Than Life Ronda Rousey Mural Actually Makes Us Care About Art

Is there no medium she can’t conquer?

In an Instagram post from Rowdy herself,  Ronda reveals her plan to make Venice, California just a little more beautiful. The LA-based street artist Jonas Never is the man to thank for the 20-foot-high creation, which features the gorgeous UFC champ with fists clenched, ready to strike. One of her many mantras, “Never forget where you came from” is proudly scrawled by her stunning-but-scary mug.

on Aug 31, 2015 at 6:57am PDT

Ronda, a native of Venice, captions her post: “Growing up in Venice gives you a real appreciation for street art, and this is the biggest possible compliment from one local to another.” 

Trust us, we’re very appreciative. Still need more Ronda? Check our our visual history right here.