Rosa Acosta’s 4 Rules of Comedy

The gorgeous model/actress/trainer also has a funny bone. Tickle it, if you dare.

The gorgeous model/actress/trainer also has a funny bone. Tickle it, if you dare.

Dominican model/actress Rosa Acosta is known for her amazing body and charming personality. Now as host of Walter Latham’s Comedy After Dark, a new online stand-up show that begins in July, Rosa is learning what it takes to make guys laugh, instead of beg.

Rule #1: Have An Accent

No, I’m not funny. My accent alone is funny. Even when I try to say something serious, people think I’m joking. It’s sounds funny now because of the comedy show, but in real life, it’s something I’m working on. What if I’m trying to fight with my boyfriend, but it sounds like I’m just joking?

Rule #2: Being Latino Doesn’t Hurt

Who’s my favorite comedian on the show? Hmm. I don’t want to make anybody jealous. I love all of them. Some of them I like more. Some of the Spanish comedians have an accent and they make jokes about having a Puerto Rican or Spanish grandma. So I can relate to that. So I’ll probably pick the Latinos. All the Latinos are my favorite.

Rule #3: Bullies Aren’t Funny

Some comedians can only make a joke if they’re making fun of somebody. I don’t think that’s funny. If you want to make fun of yourself? That’s cool. You want to make fun of situations? That’s cool. But actually picking on somebody? I don’t think that’s comedy. Anyone can do that. We all have the potential to be haters and make fun of somebody. And that’s one of things that is different about this show. It’s pure comedy. It wasn’t about picking on people. There was no disrespect. And I love that. Some of the comedians are very spicy. But I’m comfortable with spicy.

Rule #4: Don’t Try

I like funny guys. But the funny guy has to be spontaneous and very natural. Some guys try too hard to make you laugh. I don’t like that. If you’re naturally funny, I’ll take that. I’d rather have a serious guy than a guy who is trying to be funny.

Miami is a Melting Pot

We did the show in Miami, and I loved it there. There is so much flavor in Miami. There’s a little bit of everything. The audience was not only Spanish or African American or White. We had it all. And that’s true of the hosts too. So we’re all able to connect with everyone in the audience.

Get This Girl a Stripper!

We’re doing the second part in Vegas. I want a lot of strippers out there, and little people doing tricks and stuff like that.

How to Gain Twitter Followers

It helps to show people a picture of your ass. [Follow Rosa on Twitter. You will not regret it.]

Stay in Shape, The Acosta Way

I would love to tell you there’s a secret, or that I was blessed by god with an amazing body and I don’t need to go to the gym. But that’s not real. I have to go to they gym every day and watch what I eat. I’m a personal trainer. I sometimes take my friends with me, and they don’t really like it.The girl who worked out with me lost about 50 lbs. in the past year.

There’s no magic. It’s a commitment.

She’s Watching What You Eat

I get disappointed when people ask for help and then when I actually take my time to train with them, they flake or they don’t want to push it to the next level. Or we work out for an hour, and then they Tweet a picture of burger they’re about to eat.

Dear Olympics….

I sometimes work out with a friend who also trains people for the Olympics. And after the workout, the Olympic guys are the ones crying, not me. I should be in the Olympics. Maybe for the titty-bouncing competition.

Comedy After Dark begins July 7th on YouTube. You can also keep up with Rosa on her website,