Watch Lingerie Model Rose Bertram Seductively Eat Cheetos in Latest ‘Love’ Video

It ain’t easy bein’ cheesy.

The latest video shoot from the LOVE advent calendar is actually pretty cheesy–and not in a bad way, either. 

The retro-styled video shot by Phil Poynter shows Belgian model Rose Bertram chowing down on Cheetos while chilling in Agent Provocateur lingerie on a poolside chaise lounge.

Apparently someone neglected to give Rose that “don’t eat before swimming” memo. What’s more, the curly-haired hottie seems to have forgotten her manners as she gets Cheeto crumbs all over her chest (whoops!).

We can’t believe it’s already Day 30 on the LOVE advent calendar, which has given us some insanely sexy video shoots of the world’s top supermodels. 

See our five fiery favorites, below: