Leonardo DiCaprio Is Dating Yet Another Gorgeous Blonde Model

Get to know Roxy Horner, Leo’s latest arm candy.

Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio’s rumored romance with 24-year-old British model Roxy Horner is still going strong.

According to The Sun, the 41-year-old movie star has been regularly flying to London to woo her. “They’re smitten and enjoy spending time together,” a source told the tab. 

Back in February, Page Six first reported that DiCaprio has been hanging with Horner, according to sources, “paying her a lot of attention” while the two galavanted between clubs in London.


Horner, who has appeared in campaigns for brands like Boohoo and House of Fraser, is “no stranger to high-profile romances,” which is a good thing considering that Leo is no stranger to dating women under 25

We’ll see how long Horner lasts as Leo’s latest piece of arm candy. In the meantime, follow her on Instagram at @roxyhorner because, y’know, whatever.


h/t New York Post