Katy Perry Has a Whole New Look, So Let's Salute Classic Katy With Her Hottest GIFs

Classic Katy vs. New Katy...who you got?
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(Photo: Maxim/Getty)

(Photo: Maxim/Getty)

Recently, something happened to Katy Perry. We don’t know what, exactly, but we just know something kinda weird is going down.

Surely you’ve seen what she looks like lately: blonde buzz cut, space-age outfits, quashing her raging beef with Taylor Swift...it's like the original California Gurl is going through a legit transformation.

She's clearly having some issues with her her old bombshell pop star image, and even broke down in tears about it on this Viceland therapy show....you OK, Katy? 

It’s almost as if whatever demon was possessing Miley Cyrus a few years ago released Miley from its grip, and instead found a new host in KP.

miley cyrus2

Right?? I mean...

katy perry new4

Katy Perry's metamorphosis started out innocently enough with a simple blonde dye job, but the rest of her morphing was swift, abrupt, and even a little alarming.

katy perry6

Alas, she did that too.

katy perry new1

Listen, Katy still looks great...she's Katy Perry, after all. But while it's cool that she got woke and changed up her style and ended her beef with T-Swizzle, we can't help but miss the old Katy Perry just a bit. 

katy perry18

We miss the way she made made Sesame Street sexy...

katy perry7

And rocked whipped cream-squirting bras...

katy perry8

And we just miss how insanely hot she was without even trying.

katy perry10

If you, like me, also miss the old Katy Perry, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the "Museum of Vintage Katy Perry," where I've created a compilation of the sexiest GIFs and Pictures of the old Katy Perry, so that we can all appreciate her eternal hotness.


katy perry13
katy perry11
katy perry16
katy perry9
Maxim flashback!

Maxim flashback!

katy perry15
katy perry1
katy perry19
katy perry 21
katy perry20
katy perry22

RIP old Katy. But while it's sad to see her go, don't worry cuz we still got love for Katy Perry 2.0, too.