We Can't Get Enough of Samantha Gradoville on Instagram

Travel the world through this brunette beauty's incredible snaps.
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In all the time we've spent introducing you to the gorgeous women of Instagram, we've developed a rudimentary typology of the Instababe. There are the classic beach babes, whose feeds are full of bikini shots; fitness models, who mix work and play together in the service of our health; and then there are Victoria's Secret Angels, who are in a category all on their own.

Samantha Gradoville, the 26-year-old American beauty who's modeled for the likes of Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein, defies these categories. 

Gradoville exudes elegance and style in her photos, but her Instagram feed is fascinating not just because of her stunning modeling shots; it's because of her travels across the world, her jaunts that take her from the streets of Paris to the shores of exotic beaches and the sands of Burning Man. Her feed is less about her and more about the luxurious lifestyle afforded by a career as a model.

Oh, and it's also about here. Follow along at @samgradoville:

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