Watch Instababes Sara Underwood and Tina Louise Reveal The Best Ways to Pick Them Up

Pro tip: Don't send dick pics.

The same genius photographer who blessed us with that mesmerizing clip of Sara Underwood deflating an inner tube has brought the beautiful Instababe back along with fellow model Tina Louise for a pick up-advice pow wow in a brand new video. 

And no, that isn't the same Tina Louise who played Ginger on Gilligan's Island and was a galpal of The Most Interesting Man in the World, although that would be pretty incredible.

But we digress. JZL dives right in with the first question, "What kind of guy has a chance?" and good news! Sara immediately responded with, "Every guy!" Nice.

She go on to say she digs country guys, while Tina Louise prefers men with facial hair, tattoos, and a... man bun? Hey, whatever floats your boat.

When asked about how a guy should approach a girl, Louise indicated that she's a fan of the chase.

"If you like a girl, go and talk to her best friend or the girl standing beside her." Duly noted! 

Both are fans of the "adventurous" first date, just don't take Sara hiking. 

"I actually did a first date on a hike, and it was brutal," Sara said. "We weren't connecting from the beginning, and it was like six hours." Brutal, indeed. 

The clip is only three minutes, but these girls are giving us pearls. Oh, we almost forgot, do not slide into their DMs with dick pics. It's gross. 

Got all of that? Good. Now, enjoy these sexy selections from their Instagram feeds as you conjure up your potential pick up line should you run into either of these beauties in the wild. 

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