We Can't Get Enough of Instagram Bombshell Sara Underwood's Steamy Nature Shots

She needs our help to keep 'em coming!

For the better part of a year, Sara Underwood has been visiting exotic locales around the world to use as backdrops for insanely sexy nature-themed photos and video clips, like these: 

We're not sure how she and shutterbug Steve Bitanga have paid for these sultry excursions, but she wants to keep it up in 2017 with your support. 

The blonde beauty posted the above clip to YouTube to announce the creation of a Patreon page her fans can use to donate as little as $1 and help fund her travels to ensure that this stellar content keeps on coming. 

Patrons will have exclusive access to photos and videos that don't make it to Instagram. Additionally, donors will get a signed Polaroid delivered to them monthly in the mail and access to her Snapchat videos, which she warns "may include nudity." 

We thoroughly enjoyed her work in 2016, so let's keep the ball rolling! If you're not convinced, here are 16 more reasons why you should consider supporting this glorious cause: 

h/t: Bro Bible 

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