Turns Out This Annoying Celebrity Chef is Scarlett Johansson’s Ultimate Crush

Holy crap.


It’s a question that has dogged mankind ever since the 2003 release of Lost in Translation: do I have a shot in hell of ever hooking up with Scarlett Johansson?

At last, the newly-single and perennially smoking hot Ghost in the Shell goddess has descended from the heavens to bestow on us a piece of her divine wisdom: the type of guy she would totally get with.

On Howard Stern‘s SIRIUS XM show, ScarJo revealed her ultimate celebrity dude crush, which ultimately serves as the archetype of what kind of guy gets her going. 

And the answer was totally unexpected. 

#2 Scarlett Johansson - Perched high atop the A-list, this dangerously curvy bombshell (and possessor of Hollywood’s most luscious lips) has the acting chops to back up her mind-melting hotness. We’ve watched her in indie films (Lost in Translation, Match Point). We’ve watched her in chick flicks (The Nanny Diaries, The Other Boleyn Girl). Truth is, we’d rapturously watch her sort her recycling. But first we’ll be in line for her most guy-friendly project yet, the noirish, Frank Miller–directed The Spirit.

“Gordon Ramsay! Honestly, I’m like somebody who likes Gordon Ramsay…or Anthony Bourdain!” she said. “There’s a running theme.”

Gordon fucking Ramsay? The blowhard reality TV despot who once called a grown man a “panini head”!?

(Photos: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC & FOX/Getty Images)

So clearly ScarJo likes a man who knows his way around a kitchen, or at least one who is willing to put bread on a woman’s head for the sake of a good pun.


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We can’t fault ScarJo for her taste in men, however strange it may be. 

Now please excuse us while we enroll at Le Cordon Bleu and brush up on our knife skills.


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