15 Photos That Show Why Selena Gomez Is the New Queen of Instagram

All hail the queen.
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It's official: Selena Gomez is now the most popular Instagram user on the planet.

It seems like only yesterday that the Disney child star turned sultry singer/actress was best known as Justin Bieber's long-suffering girlfriend, but now the Spring Breakers beauty is officially the most followed person on Instagram with an astounding 69.4 million followers. Her bestie Taylor Swift notched a close second with 69.2 million and Kim Kardashian was third with 63.6 million.

So just how did Gomez scale this staggering social media summit? For being relatable, likeable, fashionable, and of course, incredibly sexy. Here's a look at 15 of Gomez's greatest 'grams that prove why she's the network's new queen: