Selena Gomez Is Single, So Celebrate With Her Sexiest Shots Ever

The Weeknd is officially over.


Quick vocal warmup: say “Sexy Selena is single” five times fast!

For Selena Gomez (the Wizards of Waverly Place wonder girl, “Hands to Myself” hitmaker, Netflix producer and Coach model… the list goes on) just split with Canadian rapper The Weeknd after 10 months of dating.

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It’s too bad The Weeknd just can’t make a relationship last. Before Gomez, the “Starboy” singer was linked to supermodel Bella Hadid, which culminated in an awkward on-stage reunion at the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Even worse for Mr. Weeknd, Selena has been spotted with her old ex Justin Bieber in recent days. That’s gotta hurt.

On a more positive note, Selena Gomez is newly single! As a beautiful 25 year old with her entire life ahead of her and 128 million Instagram followers (that’s bigger than the population of Japan), this surely won’t be her last fling.

Let’s be real: it’ll probably be with another celebrity, at least in the B-list range. And based on aforementioned sightings, it may be with Bieber although we pray that’s just Hollywood hearsay.

Still, that doesn’t mean us regular folk can’t entertain the idea of romancing a bonafide singer-actress-model triple threat.

Below, se-lebrate sexy Selena’s singledom with more of her hottest Instagram shots, below.

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