Serinda Swan

The beauty goes badass in this month's Breakout Kings.

Get ready: Tron: Legacy siren Serinda Swan is jumping off the Grid to your TV in A&E’s Breakout Kings, playing a badass bounty hunter. Here’s why we love her.

Check out the trailer for Breakout Kingshere

She’s an Expert!

“I ordered a how-to-become-a-bounty-hunter book. I’m also taking Krav Maga [a hand-to-hand combat style used by Israeli special forces], so now I’m like, ‘Oh, this is how to defend yourself if someone’s trying to stab you!’¿”

She’s Not (Too) Picky!

“I’m Canadian. The only difference between dating American and Canadian guys is whether you’ll be watching football or hockey. I have no preference. But I’m an iPad junkie, so a Windows guy and I might not be compatible…”

She Has a Favorite Body Part!

“I’m proud of my hands; they look like my grandma’s. But I know that’s not what Maxim guys want to hear, so for them I have to say my legs!”