Meet The Beautiful Army Vet Who Loves to Post Photos of Herself Posing With Badass Guns

She's like a real-life Lara Croft.
Lauren Young Gun Promo

Gun-loving Instababe Lauren Young is guaranteed to get you all fired up with her dangerously sexy Instagram feed. 

The U.S. Army veteran admirably served in the 485th Military Police Company from 2011 to 2012 while deployed in Afghanistan. 

Now a college student double-majoring in pre-law and psychology at the University of Nevada-Reno, Young has developed a serious knack for making guns look hotter than hell. 

Her Instagram page combines firepower and sex appeal in a way that's not only truly unique, it's pretty pleasing to the eye to boot. 

And Young doesn't just strike insanely sexy poses with her beloved firearms. She also posts videos that prove she knows how to shoot like a pro.  

We had the pleasure of chatting with this badass soldier and asked about her favorite firearms, what she looks for in a guy, and why she thinks guns are straight-up sexy. 

Hi Lauren. So why do you think guns are so damn hot? 

Guns are a lot like art. You can design them, you can modify them to fit you, and they can come out looking pretty damn sexy. Gun porn is certainly a thing! 

There is also something sexy in knowing how to handle any firearm. I can say that I do feel sexy when holding a gun because it facilitates my confidence in that I can protect myself and handle something potentially dangerous. Guns serve that dual purpose—they are sexy in themselves and you can feel sexy shooting them.  

What are you favorite firearms to shoot at the range? 

My favorite guns to fire at the range would have to be the .50 cal, .338 Lapua, M249, and I enjoy moving and shooting drills with AR 15's. I like shooting pistols, but I prefer distance shooting.  

Are you a hunter?

I am not a hunter. I have actually never been hunting! I grew up in a gun-free home, so this was a hobby I picked up on my own after joining the military.  

What the next gun you want to buy?

If I could pick ANY weapon right now to buy, it would probably be a SCAR 17 suppressed with an attached grenade launcher. But that's dreaming big!  

Do you only date gun owners? 

I typically tend to date gun owners or military/ex military. We usually understand each other, share similar interests and make the same dirty and horrible jokes at each other's expense. Also, it's nice to combine fire power with someone who also owns guns!  

What else do you look for in a guy?  

I look for confidence and a great sense of humor. Also, one that has ambition and drive. They aren't looking for a girl to complete them, just add something positive to their lives. I don't want a man to need me, just as I don't need them. I prefer a secure man who WANTS me.  

If haven't already added her to your Instagram feed, then the rest of these photos will definitely have you hitting that "Follow" button.