20 Smoldering Redheads Who Really Get Us Fired Up

Studies say they're genetically gifted, so what's not to love?
Redheads Promo

There's just something about redheads that gets us all fired up.

But it's not all fun and games for these gorgeous women. As Huffington Post notes, research has shown that natural redheads are in fact genetically gifted by being more sensitive to certain types of pain than the rest of us and require up to 20 percent more anesthesia when going under the knife.

We say it's all the more reason to show them a some appreciation. From A-list actresses to super-sexy Instababes, flame-haired vixens have always brought the heat, ginger jokes be damned! 

For proof, check out these scorching-hot beauties in all their crimson glory below:

1. Bella Thorne  

2. Kayla Collins 

3. Leanna Decker

4. Eva Marie 

5. Emma Stone

6. Jessica Chastain 

7.  Jessica Perez 

8. Christina Hendricks 

9.  Amber Smith 

10. Anna Kendrick

11. Maria Kanellis-Bennet

12. Amy Adams 

13. Cintia Decker 

14. Jessica Gagen 

15.  Isla Fisher

16. Karen Gillan 

17. Anna Chapman

18. Angelica Bridges

19. Kate Mara

20. Elena Satine

Need more redheaded action? Check out this sultry behind the scenes video from The Chive featuring the lovely Leanna Decker. 

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