Celebrate Lindsey Vonn’s Birthday With the Skiing Sensation’s Hottest Photos

The former world champion skier is also a world champion of hotness.

Lindsey Vonn, Olympic skiing sensation, former flame of Tiger Woods, and all-around smokeshow, turns 35 today.

Despite Vonn’s All-American charisma, athletic prowess and obvious beauty, she’s revealed that her red carpet appearances can leave her feeling insecure about her body. 

“I think I’m strong when it comes to working out and everything I do on the mountain, I feel confident in myself,” Vonn said in 2016 on NBC’s Today show. 


“A lot of the time, I don’t feel that confident. I have my insecurities like anyone else. Being on the mountain is the only time I feel 100% sure of myself.”

If it matters any, we would definitely beg to differ. Just take a look at 10 stunning red carpet photos of Vonn in the gallery above, or a few of her striking Instagrams below, for proof that she’s an absolute stunner.

Happy birthday, LIndsey!