A Sexy and Mysterious Handprint Appeared on a Cheeky Instagram Shot By Abigail Ratchford

Who will be next?

When he comes home hungry 😈 @partylikejzl 📸

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Recently, Maxim unearthed a very sexy mystery left unsolved on the Instagram of Emily Ratajkowski. A sandy handprint was left on her pert posterior, but by whom?

Still at large, the culprit seems to have struck again. A sexy and mysterious handprint has now surfaced on the bodacious backside of another Instagram bombshell—that of Abigail Ratchford. This time, the mystery was laid bare in white all-purpose flour.

For her part, Abigail corroborated the incident by baring her booty on Instagram. See the full body of evidence, below:

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We may never know who is on this sexy reign of terror or what motivates him/her, aside from an obvious love for butts. Above all, one question now looms large over Instagram: Who will be next?