Sexy in Public: Amanda

Amanda, 19, shows us the world’s luckiest dog.

Hey, cool dog.
Thanks! He’s a pug.

Nice. What’s his name?
Winston. My friends gave him to me a year ago.

How did they know you wanted a pet?
Because I love animals, and I wanted a dog for so long, but I never got around to getting one.

Gonna walk around all day?
I think I’m going to see a movie and get some dinner later.

Movie, eh? Which one?
Probably one at the art house theater downtown.

You’re into independent film?
I love it! Pan’s Labyrinth is my new favorite movie. Visually, it’s amazing. But it’s very dark.

Right on. And for dinner?
I don’t know, maybe Italian.

Be careful not to spill sauce on your white dress.
I’ll probably wear a sweater.

You’re a smart girl.