Sexy in Public: Amber

We almost tripped over Amber, 19, diddling a vending machine.

Hey, what are you up to?
Oh, just grabbing a snack.

Yum, what?
A Snickers, of course.

Funny, you look like a trail mix kind of girl.
The healthy stuff just doesn’t do it for me.

Yeah, health nuts are lame.
No, it’s good for them. I just prefer chocolate, especially when I’m stressed.

What’s wrong?
Oh, I’ve just got a major work project to do.

Sorry to hear that. The sugar rush helps?
One candy bar does the trick.

So, um, are you addicted?
To junk food? No. Every once in a while I get a craving.

Aren’t you worried about getting cavities?
I’ve never had a cavity before. Why would I get one now?

Good point. See ya!