Sexy In Public: Anna and Minta

The lovely Anna and Minta make car seats happy.

These rebellious beauties have more than a few hobbies besides riding the waves at Hermosa Beach, California. In fact, they just might run you ragged. “I totally know how to use a gun,” says 18-year-old Minta (far right). “I grew up on 40 acres with no TV. My friends and I were into skeet shooting and riding motorcycles through other people’s property. At night we’d put cones outside of bars so drunk people driving out didn’t know which way to go.” And Anna’s leisure pursuits? They’re just as wild, if not quite as legally dubious. “I like to play dirty,” laughs the 19-year-old. “And I’ve got some wounds to prove it. Rock climbing, hiking, whitewater rafting…I love that natural high. Skydiving is next on my list.” Join ’em at your own risk, tough guy.