Sexy in Public: Courtney

Health-conscious Courtney, 24, always lets ’em see her sweat.

Hey, need a spot?
Not really, no. I’m waiting for my workout partner.

Who’s that?
My best friend, Monica. I always work out with her.

Well, Monica’s not here. Wanna hit a few machines?
Sure. My favorites are the thigh and bicep machines. But no elliptical. I hate cardio.

Seriously. Cardio’s tiring.
I can’t do it. I have asthma.

Strange, you look pretty healthy.
I’m from Long Island, in the ’hood. People there work out all the time. Every day I’m ready for the gym.

Your ’hood sounds scary.
Well, it’s the ghetto. But I haven’t been there in a while.

Glad you made it out. So you wanna get a protein shake?
I prefer pasta post-workout. But people who hit on me at the gym have no hope whatsoever.

OK, we’re gonna hit the shower.