Sexy in Public: Irina

The sun always shines on business babe Irina.

Think suits are a drag? You’re not alone. On weekdays 19-year-old Irina can’t wait to shed her office attire to worship the sun. “My friends know me as the one who always wears a tank top and a short skirt,” says the sultry Ukraine native, explaining her casual personal style. “I like my legs. And besides, my mother always told me, the shorter the skirt, the better.” Like most rebellious daughters, however, Irina didn’t always heed Mom’s advice. “Once I was dancing at a club in a long tube dress and four-inch heels,” she explains. “My heel got caught at the bottom, and the whole thing came down. Every-one was staring at me! That’s when I remembered: Always wear short skirts.” Guess some lessons can only be learned the hard way.