Sheryl Crow


ON THE SOLO TIP: Crow’s as-yet-untitled follow-up to 1998’s The Globe Sessions is due in late March.

OUR GRAMMY ROCKS, TOO: Crow has won eight Grammy Awards, as well as three platinum albums.

CONCERN FOR BRITNEY AND CHRISTINA: “Where do you go after you’ve been 19 and you’ve stuck your crotch on a camera lens in front of 20,000 people? They’re really not old enough to know any better.”

CAN WE GET A ’WHOOP WHOOP’? “I cannot do audience participation. I am so damn dorky. The audience knows it. They’d eat me alive.”

SO IT’S A DEAL: “I’ve never passionately kissed another girl. It seems like fun, though. Long as I get to pick the girl.”

“I have a hard time addressing adults as ‘P. Diddy’ or ‘Puffy’ with a straight face.”