Shocker: British Royal Naked in Public!

Shocker, Part 2: It’s Not Prince Harry! Who’ll be next?

Flynet Pictures | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

Some French magazine called Closer paid some asshole with a massive telephoto lens to snap photos of future Queen of England Kate Middleton as she was sunbathing topless in France. Now, they’re grainy (the pictures, not her boobs) but if you feel the need to check them out (or if you’ve always wanted to see a Brit try and fail to battle chronic paleness), you can see the pics here. Thanks to Prince Harry’s recent naked Vegas shenanigans, this is the second royal we’ve seen naked in the last month, which has us wondering – what are the chances of seeing the rest of the royals undressed? Here’s what the Maxim bookies said:

Queen Elizabeth


Last we saw her she was driving a Range Rover in a hoodie. Next time she could be rolling topless in a Bentley. Queen Elizabeth don’t care.

Prince William


Is it just us or does it seem like this poor guy’s confidence is receding as fast as his hairline?

Pippa Middleton


We have a feeling that nude photos of “Her Royal Hotness” must already be floating around somewhere, and it’s only a matter of time before we – uhh, some more pervy French journalists – find them.

Prince Charles


During their affair, the Prince once wrote to Camilla that he’d like to “live inside your trousers…as a tampon.” That’s disgusting, and who knows what kind of freaky shit these two get into behind closed doors, but we’re guessing they’re keeping things more private these days.

Prince Philip


After some Googling we discovered that the 91-year-old kilt-wearing Prince actually flashed his junk at the Scottish Highland Games just two weeks ago. So that answers that, and also proves that Philip is totally the man for refusing to be one-upped by his grandson.

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