Watch Sly’s Daughter Sistine Stallone Get Into Fighting Shape for the LOVE Advent Calendar

She’s a total knockout.


Christmas may be over (it’s January, people!), but the LOVE Advent Calendar just won’t quit.

(Photo: YouTube)

That’s good news for us. Sistine Stallone, the 19-year-old daughter of Sylvester Stallone, is the latest to take up the task of stripping down for Phil Poynter, and it’s like Christmas never ended.

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In the exercise-themed video, Sistine does some hip raises… but mostly she just walks around in a red swimsuit (or is it a leotard?) and a leather whip.

(Photo: YouTube)

“LOVE, one of my favorite four-letter words,” a quote from Sistine reads at the end of the video. We wonder what the others are.

(Photo: YouTube)

Ever since signing with IMG Models, Sistine has been killing it, appearing on the cover of Town & Country and Harper’s Bazaar Kazakstan, among others.

(Photo: YouTube)

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