This Sizzling Blonde Travels The World Taking Skimpy Swimsuit Pics With Sharks

Aussie law student Sarah Kohan keeps things natural.
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On her MoonstruckTraveller Instagram account she's a leggy, tan blonde posing in tiny bathing suits for stunning photos in gorgeous locations throughout the world. But as the Daily Mail reports, Sarah Kohan is as smart and ambitious as she is beautiful.

The Australian isn't just a freediver and lover of sea animals like whales and sharks. When Sarah isn't sunning on beaches from her homeland to Hawaii she's a law student at Notre Dame, from which she'll graduate in June 2017. It's clear, though, from her photos and the Daily Mail report, that nature is immensely important to her. 

"When I'm underwater and swimming with a whale," Sarah told the paper, "it seems like nothing else matters — seeing an animal in their element and being able to interact with them without feeling scared or them feeling vulnerable — that's nice to see."

The Mail also reported that Sarah has been able to support her travels in part from various sponsorships, and it's easy to see why—she's an athletic beauty and the camera loves her.

Check out several of Sarah's Instas below. In the dead of winter the tropical locations and her sunny smile could warm an entire household.  

h/t Daily Mail