This Smoking Hot Russian Model Claims US Officials Thought She Was a Spy

Paging James Bond.
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Victoria Bonya

Victoria Bonya

Russian TV personality and one-time Playboy model Victoria Bonya travels the world among the beautiful, powerful, and wealthy. She also only recently stepped away from her relationship with a powerful Irish billionaire. If a country with plenty of money and power wanted to hire a spy, there's no doubt Bonya might be a good choice—but she's not a covert operative and she recently had to prove that to officials at a Los Angeles Airport. 

A report in the Daily Mail about Bonya's ordeal states that customs officers asked the Slavic beauty questions about Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin and interrogated her about what she does for a living. Admittedly, the officials in question may have had a decent reason for suspicion, at least at first—the Mail reports they found "a business card for a company that produces hidden video cameras in her luggage." 

"I thought I was going down," Bonya reportedly said, "and they would deport me." As her questioners revealed they thought she could be a covert operative, Bonya told the Mail she "started laughing, as I really thought it was a joke ."

"Until," she said, "They asked me the same thing for a third time."

Bonya said the thing that got her out of hot water was allowing officials to inspect her social media accounts, which have millions of followers. So for US authorities, the case seems closed. 

Below, take a look at a few more of the reasons Bonya was able to convince the Americans she's the real deal. She might make a great spy for all we know, but she's definitely well-suited to the work she does, as the camera clearly loves her.