Snowboarder Torah Bright’s Tips On How To Master the Halfpipe

The Australian Olympic gold medalist takes you through one of her Mc-hardest moves, the McTwist.

What It Is

“The McTwist is basically a backside 540.” (Translation: You go airborne, rotate 540 degrees in a backside direction while doing a front flip, and then finish riding forward.)

Get a Head of Steam

“Speed is crucial, so before you try any tricks, push yourself to control your fear. To initiate the McTwist, ride the backside wall on your heel edge. As you reach the transition, you want your board to go flat-base near the coping [the rounded lip at the top edge of the wall].” 

Take Off

“Watch your front foot as it leaves the coping, then pop off your back foot, throw your front shoulder across your body, and duck your head so you’re almost sniffing your back armpit. Grab your toe edge between the bindings and see the rotation through as you spot your landing.” 

Tuck In

“If you do lose control while airborne, stay small and tuck. You’ll learn how to fall along the way, so get used to it!”

Photo: Thomas Concordia / WireImage | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014

Photos by Adrian Dennis / AFP / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014