So Why Did Miley Cyrus Go Onstage In Just Her Bra And Underwear?

Our former Hot 100 #1 strikes again!

Performing in front of thousands of people in your unmentionables? Miley Cyrus can officially check that off of her (probably really, really long) bucket list. The “Wrecking Ball” singer and former Hot 100 #1 is back making headlines again after a missed wardrobe change caused her to perform her hit song, “23,” in just her underwear. Miley Cyrus performing in scantily clad attire is – as you may have guessed – a sizable part of her routine, but apparently this part was not. She took to Twitter afterwards to confirm the mix-up.

It all went down yesterday during her Bangerz concert stop in Milwaukee. If you want to catch her and hope she makes another mistake tonight, she’ll be in St. Paul, Minnesota.