Sofia Vergara Doesn’t Care About Looking Like a Virgin

We’re with her. 

Sofia Vergara isn’t here for the virginal white ruffles young brides are expected to wear. Sofia Vergara is here for a good picture.

“I’m 43, I don’t really need to look like a virgin getting married. I want to look sexy,” Vergara told People Magazine in an interview about her wedding day plans. “I want to look great. I want to look good and [wear] something that I know is going to look good in pictures.” That’s what we want too, Sofia. 

The star said that she’s likely not doing a veil for the wedding, and is probably going to stick to leaving her wavy hair down. It’s likely we’ll also get a curve-flaunting dress too.

Joe Manganiello, you lucky dog. 

Photos by Amanda Edwards/WireImage