Belfie Queen Sommer Ray Just Won the Internet Again With Two Booty-Ful Videos

Good God.

Sommer Ray, without question, has one of the most jaw-dropping derrieres of any model on Instagram. 

Her feed consists almost exclusively of "beflie" shots, with the occasional front-side photo thrown in for variety's sake. 

But Sommer's butt is so damn beautiful, she's been able to take her belfie game to the next level with totally ass-centric videos. And boy, are the something. 

The fitness-loving babe touts her beguiling backside as one that needs no retouching with the caption, "Video cause y'all know I ain't about that photoshop life!!" 

In lieu of the recently released unflattering vacation pics of Kim Kardashian's behind, the comment seems strangely coincidental.


We don't blame Sommer for flaunting what she's earned through countless hours in the gym, though. After all, her butt has helped her amass over 14 million Instagram followers. 

Is it possible to post too many belfies? We think not.