Spring Break ’08!

Avoid the fresh air and alcohol poisoning by staying inside with our all-access pass to the hottest girls on the beach.

Are you ready for Spring Break ’08? Well, you better be ’cause it’s right around the corner. If you plan on hitting up Panama City, Florida click the graphics above to find out what Maxim.com has going on. If you still don’t believe we’ve got the best Spring Break events in the world check out our past Spring Break coverage below for proof. Then we expect a written apology for ever doubting us. Seriously, when have we ever steered you wrong? (You know, except for that time we convinced you to shave your eyebrows…or that other time we dared you to drink a bottle of SPF 55… and then there was that Tijuana donkey show…)




Acapulco’s Wildest Girls

The Girls of the Bahamas

Jannina and Katrina

Party on the Beach

After Sunset in Acapulco

Kristina and Jessica

The Girls of Acapulco

Fun Under the Sun


Across the Pond

Spring Break 2007: After Dark

Spring Break Dancers

Spring Break 2007: Daytime

Spring Break 2007: The Girls