Celebrate The Magical Wonder of Spring Break With 15 Photos of Gorgeous College Girls

Revisit your glory days with scorching Spring Break shots of girls gone wild…

Spring Break
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Of all the spectacularly boozy bacchanals that many of us lovingly recall from our college years, we may remember spring break as the pinnacle of big dumb fun, where days were spent getting drunk on the beach, making bad decisions, and, of course, checking out lots of smoking hot girls.

Thanks to the diligent college babe coverage by undergrad-centric sites like COED and Total Frat Move, we’ve rounded up 15 college bikini babes to help you relive your most magical spring break memories. 

But first, here’s what happened when a Spring Break twerk-off went horribly wrong:


Onto the college hotties!

Amanda, University of Georgia 

Aside from these shoots, this weekend was my first time partying on a body of water all summer #smh 👎🏽

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Kristen, Florida State University 

Can it be spring break forever??

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Erin, Western University 

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Scarlett, Salisbury University 

all smiles

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Emma, University of Colorado Boulder 

♡❥ @loungeunderwear

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Katelyn, University of South Alabama 


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Sarah, South Connecticut State University 

not a bad way to spend a wednesday

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Nicole, Texas A&M University

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Kendall, University of Southern California 

Sweater weather

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Allison, Arizona State University 

piña coladas plz

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Morgan, Santa Monica College 

This is totally candid (obviously kidding) 👩🏼

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Abbie, West Virginia University

Oh ship

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Maddie, Lewis and Clark College

Take me back to summertime when wearing a bikini all day was acceptable ☀️☀️

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Alessia, New York University 

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Kennedy, Arizona State University 

Tropical daydream

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