Stephen Colbert Declares War On Maxim After Being Left Off The Hot 100

Sorry Stephen…work on those pecs and maybe next year?

Thanks to a massive write-in campaign by fans of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report (aka Colbert Nation), the 2012 Hot 100 included the first ever man on our annual list of the world’s most beautiful women. It was host Stephen Colbert, who owned, appropriately, the 69 spot. (As we explained at the time, “Democracy isn’t always pretty: Sometimes it’s downright handsome.”) Well, Mr. Colbert didn’t quite get the votes he needed to make this year’s list, and he is definitely not happy about it. On last night’s show, on a segment called “Who’s Not Honoring Me Now,” he explained that “after three hours of scouring the pages in a locked room,” he realized that he was not included. First he accuses us of age discrimination, then he goes on to criticize us for putting Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend in his former spot. Check out his crazed rant for yourself—which includes his secret for achieving his “pouty hot face”—and judge for yourself whether he has a point, or if we made the right decision in replacing him with an imaginary woman.

The Colbert Report

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