Stunning Model Amina Blue Brings The Instagram Heat

She's not missing a step.
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Brooklyn-based model Amina Blue may not be that familiar a name yet, but over 500 thousand Instagram followers would probably agree you should get to know her. 

A Cosmopolitan breakdown of facts about Amina tells us she hails from Queens and is of German and Pakistani descent. She's one of Kanye West's go-to models, as well. It's Amina's curves that grace the cover of German magazine 032c, for which Kanye directed a photo shoot that featured Amina, Kim Kardashian West, and Khloe Kardashian

Amina Blue not Khloe Kardashian 032c

Amina Blue on the cover of 032c. (Image:

Amina's Instagram brings a wealth of gorgeous images featuring her uniquely seductive look. It's easy to see why she's in-demand not only on the runway but for fashion magazines and music videos

Below we've gathered some of the 23-year-old's most choice Instas—there were plenty to choose from. 

Amina's screen name on Instagram is "I AM THE INFLUENCE." She's certainly influenced us to keep checking to see what new goodness she might have in store for us.