This Stunning New Topless Shot of Nineties Supermodel Stephanie Seymour Will Blow You Away


Stephanie Seymour was one of the first Victoria's Secret Angels and a supernova in the constellation of supermodels that dominated fashion in the 1990s—something she's justifiably proud of. She just turned 49 and based on some new pics taken for Love magazine by Patrick Demarchelier, age is just a number. She looks incredible. 

The shot is an instant classic, of course, but it also feels like part of a set for Seymour, who on her own official Instagram account recently posted this flashback topless shot from 2008. It wasn't an official celebratory post of her own birthday, but her followers treated it that way. 

Nothing underscores Seymour's ageless look like a shot from early in her career, such as the artful 1991 pic by Herb Ritts above, in which—appropriately enough—she was made up to look like a finely-carved stone sculpture. She's also her own best model now. Seymour is behind the Raven & Sparrow lingerie collection and you can enjoy some more shots of her in designs from the line below.