Get Pumped For the Big Game With The Hottest Super Bowl WAGS of the Patriots and Falcons

Everyone wins with these gorgeous NFL wives and girlfriends.
Gisele Bundchen Adriana Lima Promo

With Super Bowl LI fast approaching, both the New England Patriots' and the Atlanta Falcons' lineups are facing intense scrutiny from everyone, whether they be sports analysts, gamblers, or just diehard football fans. 

But there's another oft-overlooked piece of the grand Super Bowl equation: the beautiful wives and girlfriends of the players--WAGs for short. Sure, they might not have as much impact on the game as drills or workouts, but having a your special sweetheart cheering you from the sideline definitely can't hurt. 

So let's give the players a break, and redirect our discerning gazes upon these beautiful Patriots and Falcons WAGs. 

Gisele Bundchen
Wife of Tom Brady (New England Patriots quarterback)

Adriana Lima 
Girlfriend of Julian Edelman (New England Patriots wide receiver) 

Olivia Culpo
Girlfriend of Danny Amendola (New England Patriots wide receiver)

Marissa Van Noy 

Wife of Kyle Van Noy (New England Patriots linebacker) 

Siggi Bennett
Wife of Martellus Bennett (New England Patriots tight end)

Alyssa Mack 
Girlfriend or wife of Alex Mack (Atlanta Falcons center)

Lauren Mackenzie 
Fiancee of Mohamed Sanu (Atlanta Falcons wide receiver)

Sarah Ryan 
Wife of Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons quarterback)