Survey Says! Video games can help your dating life

We have proof: gaming is a turn on!

As part of our ongoing quest to learn more about the ladies, we teamed with up the female-friendly Yahoo! Shine to survey 2,000 men and women to discover more about dating and relationships in today’s social network era.

The results are in and we’ve got all the highlights. So, to quote the great Richard Dawson, or whoever the hell is hosting “Family Feud” these days, “The survey says!…”

• 25 percent of those surveyed use social networking sites to aide their dating life.

• 40 percent of people judge a potential date’s social networking profile as important and 41 percent of people will “friend” someone they are interested in as a way to get to know that person. But be warned: 70 percent want in-person interaction as the first point of contact with a potential date.

• 20 percent of respondents have been broken up with via technology and 15 percent admit to breaking up with a significant other using email, texting, instant messaging, or social networking sites.

• 24 percent have friended an ex on Facebook and 41 percent think it’s totally appropriate to friend an ex on Facebook. But only 24 percent admit to snooping on girlfriend or boyfriend electronically.

• 84 percent of men and women list ‘personality’ as the top ranked trait in a person they’re looking to date, while 60 percent find ‘looks’ important in the early stages of dating.

• 39 percent of women said they’d find it a turn on if a man listed “video games” as a personal interest and – warm up your joysticks – “gaming” is an acceptable date activity.

• 40 percent of women want men to open doors for them, though most (55 percent) don’t care.  

• 69 percent of men consider themselves old-fashioned gentleman and overall they claim to spend twice as much as women on dates.

• 85 percent of respondents said they want to be contacted within three days following a great date. And 75 percent want a phone call after the date. Texting doesn’t cut it.