Watch This Russian Model Show How To Tell The Difference Between Real and Fake Boobs

All you need is an iPhone and a dream...

Everyone wants to be an expert cleavage connoisseur, and we all prefer to think we know how to spot real ones from "surgically augmented" breasts. But an insanely sexy Russian Instagram sensation named Sveta Bilyalova uploaded a video in which she demonstrates her method for distinguishing between natural and fake boobs. She calls it, "Tits Authenticity Verification", and it's scored to "Eye of the Tiger", for some reason. Watch and learn:

Basically, the breasts in question are illuminated by turning on the iPhone flashlight function and and pressing two LED bulbs against each one, and then hitting the lights. If they contain silicone, they glow red, and if they're real and spectacular, they don't glow at all. Or at least, that's what we've inferred from this extremely unscientific experiment. 

They glow! 

They glow! 

If she's right, then we can also infer that her breasts are in fact 100% real....or are they? Decide for yourself courtesy of her Instagram pics here: 

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