Here are the 10 Highest-Paid Women in Music

Taylor Swift crushed it yet again.


Taylor Swift, owing to her record-breaking 1989 tour, a steady proliferation of pop power ballads, an unrelenting storm of publicity (for better or worse) and perhaps her fiery Maxim Hot 100 cover, was the top-earning female musician of the year, according to Forbes.

From June 2015 to 2016, T-Swift raked in a staggering $170 million, the bulk of which came from her 1989 tour, which had ticket sales of $250 million. That would explain why last year’s winner, Katy Perry, fell to sixth place at $41 million after her Prismatic world tour wrapped up.

British singer-songwriter Adele, at number two, is the true black sheep. The lion’s share of her $80.5 million earnings (still less than half of what T-Swift earned) came from her album 25, which earned $3.38 million in the US within seven days of its release.

Other tops spots, Céline Dion for instance, saw their cash flows go on by headlining regular shows in Las Vegas.

Check out the top 10 highest-earning female musicians of 2016 in the slideshow above.

h/t The Guardian